We make apps – it’s that simple, just like the name says.

If you need an application of any kind - you’ve come to the right place. Mobile? Web? Project Management? Testing? - yep, that’s us! Just scroll to find out more…

A client with many specific needs, all in 1 app, developed by us

This app packs the functionality of all the popular social apps known to man - our team realized them seamlessly.

Facebook Functionality

User profiles, social feed, media sharing, likes and comments, sharing to other social networks.

Foursquare Functionality

A list of partners (restaurants), map view of partners, check in, user feedbacks for merchants, track user location on map.

Messenger Functionality

one-to-one chats, large group chats (1000 users), emoji, media transfer, send user location, send user contacts.

Swarm Functionality

Check in, leave and view feedback for partner merchants, gameability.

Native Video Player

Videos play seamlessly on every platform regardless of user device.

Mobile App Shop

Ability to buy product on the mobile app with electronic payment capabilities.

We make software that makes your business.

We specialize in helping our clients achieve competitive advantage by providing innovative approaches for realizing their ideas. You always have hurdles that need to be overcome, but the generic approach no longer works. It is advanced innovation that runs the show. Clients with working applications, see a 10 – 20 percent growth in daily active users within the first year and experience client retention growth of at least 25 percent. Operating expenses are reduced by at least 50 percent by implementing software that automates process and reduces man hours wasted by repetitive labor.

It's what we do for our clients that counts. Clients like Allegro Group.

They were a client with special needs. Having their own crosslocation inhouse dev team, they needed an agile way to handle the delivery of SaaS products along with moble integration.

Automatic process implementation

Technology played a key role in deploying procedural chages.

Analytics and reporting

Analytics integration that covered mobile and web services. Developed the right documentation for analytics deployment - allowed tracking changes.

Multiple application integration

SaaS, mobile and web applications.

Automatic data keeping

Inability to analyze data was the number one reason for stagering growth.

Improved field communications

Problems with crosslocation teams (out of office emplyees) in the field were solved with the right mobile approach.

Enterprise level applications

We know how to be the perfect vendor for custom technological solutions that are meant to be for the internal use of your company.

It’s time to act

You can understand for yourself if your business is in danger even when the bottom line looks good. Put your work environment up against the 2 following points and judge for yourself.

No mobile implementation?

Industry leaders in any business show great experience in mobile implementation. Having quick data access today contributes to your success tomorrow. You do get a periodic offer to develop your own solution, but they do not make any sense to you? You should try speaking to us.

Big organizations = Organizational torture?

Constant pointless meetings that lead to nowhere and a number of top managers who need to be pampered. Different divisions of your business behave like they aren’t a part of the big picture. Lower level management lacks shared vision on some or all levels.

Why us?

Our real strength is in working with you, our clients. We try our very best to build our development process on trust. We believe in the said word rather than the written email. We plan to always be online with you and be completely aligned with your ideas. Our management strategy is simple:

  • Our managers are American – you will have absolutely no problems planning and explaining your needs to the development team.
  • Our developers are aware of code quality and strive to deliver and build value for our clients.
  • We are focused on making it work. In other words we look for ways to understand, collaborate, be involved to deliver the best possible outcome.

We make apps that speak to you

Apps developed by us tell you exactly what you want to hear and when you want to hear it. The idea here is not make something and just kick it out the door to be on the way to the next project, but to do it differently, to do it like nobody else.

We take your idea and nurture it until it become complete, and are always there every step of the way to support you in the the most difficult decisions. And don’t you worry if you have never made an app, we will teach you how by giving the knowledge and power to be a part of the development process. We bring our apps up together with our clients because even though we write the code and draw the design, the app is after all, your idea – it is you.


We believe that we must make value. Value is not only made by the application’s functionality, but is made by the way it is designed, by the way we lay down the architecture and implement it. We want to give you maximum scalability, maximum simplicity and flexibility from the technological standpoint. In other words, we want you to show off your code, we want you to have bragging rights for what you made.

Working with us

We promise to make it as easy as possible

Process Management

We have created a process management approach that, with a little adjustment works great. If you have never participated in a development process of creating an application, don’t worry about it - we’ll tell you how and support you all the way through.

Development Costs

Our pricing will surprise you. Of course, it will all depend on your development needs, level of customisation, complexity of logic - after all, all these things impact the time it takes to complete the project, but we do our best to be most competitive on the market.

24/7 Support

We standby anything we make. If at some point, you’ll need advice or have a change request, or require a reorganisation of logic or design - we will be there for you! You won’t be left searching for another vendor for help, this is our promise to you! Our word is our reputation and our reputation is the most important thing we have.

Our Services

Our service portfolio offers mobile development - iOS and Android plus React Native - technology you can count on. Our web expertise is comprised of .net and PHP along with Node.js. We also specialize in project management and offer extensive Quality Assurance support.



  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • CI - automated delivery process
  • Unit Testing
  • Version Control
  • Backend Support


React Native

  • Runs on iOS and Android
  • Facebook Technology
  • Stable Version
  • Huge Support
  • Experience since 2015
  • Elixir backend support



  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • CI - automated delivery process
  • All form factors - TV, Chromescast, Auto
  • Version Control
  • Backend Support



  • E-commerce - shops, classifieds,
  • marketplaces, price comparisments
  • SaaS Applications
  • Porting from desktop to Web
  • Corporate Sites
  • Enterprise Applications


Product and Project Management

  • Agile and SCRUM
  • SDLC
  • Product Requirement Documentation (PRD)
  • Groomings/Plannings
  • 24/7 Customer Service and Support
  • Veriety of Task Tracking Tools

Quality Assurance

Automated and Manual Testing

  • Test Case Development
  • Regression, Smog, Feature Testing
  • Application Audit
  • Automated testing tools like:
  • Selenium, Jmeter, Appium
  • Full Testing Documentation

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